Teaching with Media-My Philosophy

My Initial Philosophy

Since I am not in the classroom at this time, it is important to understand that this is a theoretical philosophy.  Using media in the classroom, especially in the language arts classroom, is a way to open up imagination and innovation.  Many students find the English Language Arts classroom to be monotonous, but with the proper use of various media it can become a gateway to all other subjects.  My philosophy would center around ways to immerse the students in the reading or subject at hand, whether that be by art, video, music, or writing.  When the student can connect with the work, it becomes so much more than words on a page.  It becomes another realm that they can explore.


After the class-My Philosophy, A Summary

After completing this class, I feel like while my initial philosophy has not changed from its original beginnings it has become more evolved.  I don’t feel that technology and media are the right choice for every lesson, nor for every student.  But the use of a variety of media to examine, and interest the student is key in the goal of immersion in the subject.    Creativity is the hallmark of higher thinking, and it is applied differently in each person.  It has been “the lifeblood for innovation and economic progress in the United States” (Batchelor & Blintz, 3).  Furthermore, the use of media allows us the “value(ing) and encourage (ing) difference, not sameness” (Batchelor & Blintz, 6).  It is important that “teachers develop lessons that encourage students to think differently by formulating different, even unconventional solutions” (Batchelor & Blintz, 6) and one way to do this is to provide a variety of ways to express the material, as well as outside the box thinking while lesson planning to accommodate those differences.


Batchelor, K. E., & Blintz, W. P. (2013, September). Promoting creativity in the middle  grades language arts classroom. Middle School Journal, 3-11. Retrieved August 3, 2016.



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